Do you loan out/rent the Earth Balloon?

Yes, we would like everyone to be able to enjoy our wonderful Earth Balloon.  Schools within Roswell can schedule the Earth Balloon at no charge.  Schools within the North Fulton can rent the Earth Balloon for $300 a day and all schools outside the North Fulton area can rent it for $600 a day.  Businesses interested can all also rent it at $600 a day regardless of where they are located.  For more information please contact Vicki Culbreth at

Do you provide ducks?

Yes, you can rent ducks for the Annual Duck Race.

How can I become a board member?

Keep Roswell Beautiful considers new board members twice a year through a nomination process. The best way to be nominated is to attend our events and get to know our board members!

How can I find out what events are happening with Keep Roswell Beautiful?

Please check our calendar on our website. We list events as soon as we know the dates.

How can I volunteer with Keep Roswell Beautiful?

We love our volunteers! Our website highlights all volunteer opportunities, including both on-going options and annual events.

Is Keep Roswell Beautiful a department of the City of Roswell?

No, Keep Roswell Beautiful is a 501(c)3 organization and has an active Board of Directors.  We do enjoy a positive relationship with the City of Roswell, particularly the Public Works/Environmental Department. The City provides us with an Executive Director who also serves as the Environmental Programs Manager.

What benefits can Homeowner’s Associations in Roswell expect from membership in Keep Roswell Beautiful?

HOA’s can use the Roswell Recycling Center’s box truck to hold a one day electronics event in their neighborhood.  For more information please contact Janet Liberman at